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Generation Energy

August 1, 2017

Generation Energy is Canada’s opportunity to shape the country’s energy future. Although Canada leads on many vital social and economic metrics, sadly Canada lags far behind others in terms of sustainable energy, especially in the wind and solar sectors.


Generation Energy was established with the important objective of laying out Canada’s energy roadmap in the coming decades to fulfill her commitments to the Paris Accord and safeguard the planet. Indeed, esteemed scholars from across Canada have produced a report on what this might look like and now Ottawa and Natural Resources Canada seek public input on how to define this energy roadmap and establish its priorities.


The good news is that this appears to be a fair, impartial, science-based process and NRCan and Ottawa are receptive to change. Nullam Recruitment saw many progressive steps taken in both the pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change and the most recent budget which dedicates $1.8 billion on green infrastructure, $401 million for a several clean technology development efforts, and $2.5 billion on public transit.


The next step is to develop a specific game plan to transition Canada’s energy landscape and infrastructure; yet unfortunately, public consultation has only garnered 400 inputs from across the country with the majority concentrated in Ontario. What’s worst, this low sample leads to unbalanced representation and, as it stands right now, there is little support for wind and solar despite polls showing 83 per cent of Canadians so support both solar and wind.


Simply put, without better public engagement, Ottawa will not have the political muscle nor mandate for progressive change.


During this consultation process, the public can participate in polls and submit their views including sharing ideas for the types of projects and initiatives they want to see. So far these have been encouraging ideas around community and indigenous RE projects, clean energy in mining, changes to building codes and transportation but not nearly enough given the scope and ambition of Generation Energy. For instance, one area that is often overlooked by the public is the need to address the legislative and political barriers to open up provincial utilities to independent power producers facilitate widespread residential and commercial renewable energy. Without, Canada’s solar and wind markets are severally is handicapped.


The submissions do take timeout Nullam strongly encourages people to share their views. Speaking with those working closely with this process, the submissions matter and have genuine influence.

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